About the Book

The Two Jacks is a love story about Jack and Alice. It’s an easy read and takes us back to a time when life was simple. The story is a madcap romp, sassy and sexy. In the mid seventies two college graduates, music majors with the same first name, are about to find out the real world is fraught with peril. The Jacks have written a musical together. When two years go by and nobody will even listen to their music, one of the Jacks, a philanderer, decides to take the idea to a producer of adult movies, C. Jay Sniffen. Being devious, he wants to get the musical on film so the two of them will have something to show Broadway and Hollywood. In order to entice the porn producer, Jack suggests Sniffen be the first to make an adult musical, but doing that changes the lives of both Jacks and Sniffen completely.

Womanizer Jack wants action and is not ready to trash the musical he and his best friend have written together. His roomy, the more reserved Jack, has found that being a professional student has merit as long as his wealthy mother and father keep him well greased with spending money. Jack the lad comes to realize he’s getting older and his partner is too comfortable playing the lazy game. But C. Jay Sniffen the pornographic film producer, sees talent in the Jacks’ vanilla musical and is savvy enough to turn it into Cherry Garcia.

While the love story enfolds, the two Jacks are desperately trying to re-write their original bland musical, I Profess My love and turn it into C. Jay’s suggested title, Tycoon, which suggests real conniving. They struggle, with the added characters, and more songs, but they start to put the new musical into its final framework. A little dissonant at first, but it all comes together. They even rearranged the key song from their original score, making it haunting. Partial sheet music of the song, I Profess My Love, is at the end of Chapter Eighteen, and all of the score.

The scene takes place in a San Francisco alley, on a summer night and fog is rolling into the alley. The book’s cover, shown on this page, depicts the musical’s lover searching for her boyfriend.

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Blair & Ana - Songwriters

The song writers - Blair Hansen on left and Ana Escobar on right

You may play and download I profess My Love© free of charge only. It may not be used for any commercial and/or Internet endeavor without the expressed permission of Blair Hansen and Ana Escobar.

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Excerpt from the Book

Snippets from The Two Jacks

The story is written in the first person with Jack the lad as narrator, except when circumstances beyond Jack’s knowledge are being hatched to ruin the loosely tangled troika troupe.

On his first meeting with the producer, Jack meets Alice, the office secretary, and gets the impression she’s a plain over plump vixen because she’s stuffed into large army fatigues complete with hat and boots and wears no makeup.

    Say, you’re cute.” She reached into a desk drawer, pulled out some papers, and got up.
    “Pardon? I’m a man, not cute.”
    Approaching me, she said, “If you say so. To me, you’re still a boy—I like boys. Why don’t you bring these with you tomorrow morning?” She handed me two forms. “One is for you, precious. The other is for your friend.”
    She got real close, so her hot breath flowed all over my face, and her leg pushed into my groin, touching a very important part of my anatomy. Almond eyes were probing my lips when she said, “I think we’re going to be very best friends.”
    She backed away but was still smirking. I attempted to speak. “I—I—”

Later Jack learns Alice can read! Imagine that.

    Of all the dirty tricks. Jack was with C. Jay and I was stuck with Miss Porno Queen in heat. I watched her gather up some books and fling a large straw bag over her shoulder. It had the look of being around the block more than once and had bits and pieces of green faded yarn that used to spell out Hawaii. I opened the door and asked, “Why the books?
    “I read them.”
    This porn queen reads? I didn’t believe it.

Jack finds the porn business moves too quickly for him and his partner, the prudish other Jack.

    “Jack, didn’t you tell me a week ago that C. Jay was a businessman?” “I don’t recall.”
    “Well, you did.” I continued, “I believe you also said he was like a runaway locomotive. Things were moving too fast for you, and there was no engineer to pull the stop cord. Well, you’re right. In less than two weeks, he’s rented space for a cattle call, which, I might add, is for our musical.”

Casting a musical is a game of cat and mouse—you never know who the winners are.

    Pondering the girls, C. Jay quickly made a decision. “I’ll skip over Irish. She’s worked for me before.”
    I, too, scrutinized the first wave of hopefuls. Flame Inturos looked just like her name, burnt to a crisp. When will sun worshipers learn not to leave their meat on the spit so long? Flame’s skin hung loose around her face and arms, making the thirty-year-old appear to be sixty. I’ve eaten prunes that were more appetizing. I thought, I don’t want to see her nude—ever.
    C. Jay looked over her résumé. “It says here that you do exotic dancing at various clubs. Do you also sing?”
    In a fairly husky voice, Flame responded, “All the time.”
    “At the clubs?”
    That was evasive